Mad about Four Loko

Might be worthwhile to see if one can buy Four Loko stock – the drink’s about to reach cult status:

A fizzy drink with alcohol and coffee, Four Loko has some people mad,

The drink has earned a bad rap in recent months. Local media outlets have reported that empty Four Loko cans have been found at the scene of car accidents and near raucous college parties that left students filling hospital beds. State attorneys general around the country have moved to ban the drink; New York Sen. Charles Schumer called on his state to get rid of it; and the FDA sent warning letters to companies that sell the product. Advocates against the drink say that the mix of caffeine and alcohol are dangerous and they accuse the manufacturers of marketing the products to children.

The folks leading the anti-Four Loko campaign believe that they have the duty to prevent you from buying prepackaged drinks that put alcohol in your caffeine:

“We find them to be of no redeeming value whatsoever. We are asking the FDA to intervene because they have the ability to say caffeine should not be an ingredient in an alcoholic beverage.”

Adding to the silliness of it all, Rum and Cokes, White Russians, Irish Coffee, Vodka Red Bull, and that medicinal shot of bourbon your elderly aunt throws in her jhot toddy every so often, however, ought to be safe even when they contain caffeine and alcohol, “Because you can only do it in a bar or in the comfort of your own home.”

Kind of like sex, only in a glass?

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