Van Jones: These soldiers speaking out against Bergdahl are part of Republicans' "orchestrated smear campaign"

Well. This is almost as clever as his little “Benghazi-ization” zinger from the night before, in which he boldly called out Republicans for “building up” the released Taliban prisoners into a “mega threat against us” (so out of line, Republicans!) for the sake of their falsely scandal-icious narrative. Via RCP:

Now, I admit, there are important answers we have to answer here, but Sergeant Bergdahl isn’t even out of the hospital yet and already the air waves are being filled mysteriously with former soldiers just trashing the guy. What is going on here? Well, it turns out that there are Republican operatives who are working behind the scenes to get some of those guys on television. This is an orchestrated smear campaign. The implication is that President Obama should have left a U.S. soldier to die, but if he had done that, the same Republicans would be attacking him for doing that, so the whole thing is completely outrageous.

The big point there, I suppose, is that super-duper-shadowy “Republican operatives” are working “behind the scenes to get some of those guys on television.” …Yeah, so what? Is Van Jones suggesting that the soldiers personally and professionally familiar with Bowe Bergdahl don’t have a right to be heard publicly at a highly relevant moment, or perhaps even trying to imply that Republicans are somehow tampering with the veterans’ stories? Because that is total baloney, as Allahpundit aptly noted in covering the specific instance to which I think Jones is referring yesterday; the entirely independent accusations against Bergdahl from his fellow vets have already been out there for years. I might also ask Van Jones to explain how it is that the supposedly constructed “Benghazi-ization” narrative is less worthily critical than the narrative from the “Do And Say Anything To Cover President Obama’s Behind” camp to which he apparently belongs.

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