Krauthammer: Can we all remember that we have added $7 trillion to the debt in 5 years, please?

I titled my earlier post about this morning’s Congressional Budget Office report on the costs of ObamaCare very deliberately; while lots of progressives out there are all too happy to celebrate the CBO’s latest revelation and spread the news that ObamaCare premiums aren’t going to be quite as pricey as they once thought they were, that’s really just a different way of saying that premiums aren’t going to be increasing by quite as much as they once thought they were (and I wouldn’t put any money on that actually panning out in the succeeding years). In that same vein, we often like to celebrate decreasing our deficit, which is to say that we’re still adding to our total debt as Democrats refuse to acknowledge our already metastasized entitlement spending as anything more than a merely theoretical, faraway problem. On this most joyous of April 15ths, Krauthammer reminds us, we’re just putting off the consequences of refusing to address entitlement reform for another day — but that bill will come due eventually.

Where Does All the Money Go?