Organizing for Action trolls the tea party with a sweet new bumper sticker design

I missed this yesterday, but… man.

Let’s go in for a closer look.

 photo Screenshot2014-03-21at44215PM_zps6dfddfb8.png

Which of course is a play on the “Don’t Tread on Me” slogan of the original Gadsden flag, designed by Colonel Christopher Gadsden (based off of the popular “Join, or Die” rattlesnake cartoon of the time) after he presented it to to the freshly-formed U.S. Navy during the start of the Revolutionary War. As Matt Welch points out at Reason, it’s been put to a variety of symbolic uses over the years (often with accompanying complaints about its supposedly confederate/racist/terrorist implications, or something) — most recently by the tea party, which gained so much grassroots-to-national momentum largely because of ObamaCare. I think OFA might kinda’-sorta’ be missing the basic point about liberty and heavy-treading government here, no? Especially since ObamaCare already has tread on millions of Americans’ healthcare with canceled plans, skyrocketing premiums, and limited networks? Maybe?

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