WH chief of staff: Hey now, Obama's always been very clear that he's going to insulate Keystone from politics

And if, just say, he actually hasn’t been clear that his Keystone XL deliberations are really and truly politics-free, it’s probably only because we having been letting him. Via RCP:

DAVID GREGORY: Fair enough. But what I’m focused on, and so just indulge me, what would stop him from saying yes at this point, given his own State Department saying there’s not a big impact on the climate from doing this?

DENIS MCDONOUGH: He’s been very clear that he’s going to insulate this process from politics. Washington loves the politics…

DAVID GREGORY: I didn’t ask about politics. You’ve got a State Department study.

DENIS MCDONOUGH: And we have one department with a study. Now we have other expert agencies, the E.P.A., and many others, who have an opportunity– the Energy Department, an opportunity to look at this and make their determinations. The president wants to protect their ability to do that, make this decision based on the best analysis and most sound science.

So, what isn’t “political,” exactly, about continuing to stall after the State Department just concluded (again) that the construction of the Keystone XL pipeline will have basically a net neutral effect on carbon emissions, and indeed, that alternate shipping methods could be even worse for the climate? Because, if it isn’t about politics, and keeping your uber-wealthy and self-fancied “green” donors hanging on the line, well… some of your fellow Democrats don’t seem to agree.

“Today’s Environmental Impact Statement confirms what Alaskans already know — there are ways to safely and responsibly diversify our domestic energy supply,” said Sen. Mark Begich, D-Alaska. “Move this project forward.” …

He was joined Friday by Louisiana Democratic Sen. Mary Landrieu in calling on Obama to approve the project, proposed back in 2010. …

“I urge the administration to act swiftly and give final approval so we can put people to work in these good-paying jobs right away,” said Landrieu, who like other Keystone supporters says the project will add tens of thousands of jobs to the U.S. economy.

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