The State of the Union: Six down... and two to go.

As was widely predicted, that was pretty much a nothingburger of a State of the Union, full of phantom executive actions, rehashed policy proposals that have yet to find any footing, pleading with Congress to “do something,” and the flailings of a president fighting against the imminent onslaught of lame-duckery — and kinda’ middling on some of the hardcore red meat for which some factions of the progressive base were hoping (although I have no idea where the whole “close Guantanamo” revival came from. Wut.).

There will be plenty of in-depth parsing of the speech circulating tomorrow, but in the meantime, I will say that I was wondering how the president would handle his crowning legislative achievement and its subtextual lack of popularity among both the American public and a very specific handful of Senate Democrats. Nutshell version: No, I do not apologize for ObamaCare’s shortcomings; I’m basically just going to repeat all of the usual Democratic talking points about the law’s awesomeness; and you should really go sign up.