Wolf Blitzer: So, why won't the White House reveal the text of this Iranian deal?

That the rest of the P5+1 group doesn’t want it put out there is the official story, but I doubt The Most Transparent Administration, Evah minds much — it can hardly hurt if the whole thing just happens to look a little more hardcore than it really is, eh? If Tehran is making out that the White House’s comments are meant for positive optics in the United States (read: This deal is super-duper tough, and there’s no need to push for any further economic sanctions), while the White House is making out that Tehran’s comments are meant for positive optics in Iran (read: We aren’t really giving up bo diddly on our nuke program)… A little text could be a useful clarification here, no? Via the WFB:

“Why can’t they share with all of us what the Iranians themselves know,” Blitzer asked. “If [Iranian President] Rouhani and [Foreign Minister] Zarif know the text, why can’t the American public know the text?”

Miller agreed, saying the White House withholding the text, “is only going to create the perception that in fact there’s something in the deal the administration is hiding.” …

Blitzer noted, “I’d like to see if the word ‘dismantle’ is in that text.”