Cavuto: Why do we willingly fork over more money to known spending addicts and expect a different result?

It’s been a pretty slow day, friends, and I’m a fan of a good truth-spittin’ Neil Cavuto monologue as much as the next gal — so here’s a bit of sanity after a week chock-full of the trumped-up demagoguery of extending unemployment benefits, income inequality, and the minimum wage, and before a year that’s sure to be all about the same as Democrats seek to avoid the disaster that is their leader’s crowning legislative achievement. Five years and one piddling “recovery” later, and progressives are fully convinced that the only thing that went wrong with their big-government, more spending, more taxes, more financial/healthcare/environmental regulation, faux-stimulus style of governing is that Republicans haven’t allowed them to do even more of it. Where does it end, where does it end?

So why do we willingly fork over more money to known spending addicts and think the result will be any different? I’ll tell you why — because we’re guilted into not giving them the money. That’s why. We’re made to look callous, those of us who dare say, no, not another dime from us. We sound selfish, and mean, just because we ask where all the money we’ve given them went. Trillions of dollars spent to fight a war on poverty, and still so much poverty. Trillions spent to lift minorities out of destitution, yet more minorities than ever destitute. Hundreds of billions raised in gas taxes and road taxes and transportation taxes and toll taxes and surtaxes, to fix bridges that are still falling down no matter how much cash we keep coughing up. Stimulus that doesn’t stimulate. Rescues that themselves need rescuing. You would think even a normally compliant mainstream media would start using its head as well as its heart and tell these politicians this is heartless. This is wrong. This is a waste. Yet I’m telling you, every time I question this spending, I’m the one who’s morally spent.