Sen. Landrieu's first ad: "What I said to the president is, you told them you could keep it"

While certain Democrats remain undaunted in their insistence that the whole lot of ’em are totally, absolutely, unequivocally going to be running on ObamaCare in 2014 and using it “as an advantage,” other Democrats are clearly feeling a little more… well, daunted.

When Sen. Landrieu learned that individuals who liked their health insurance could no longer keep it, despite the President’s promise, she wrote legislation to insure that the promise was kept. As a result, the President issued guidance allowing states and insurance companies to renew individual health plans for another year.

Dang. This is Landrieu’s first ad for the 2014 cycle, and she’s distancing herself from ObamaCare right out of the gate. I suppose there’s no point even pretending that there are other issues that will dominate over this one, particularly not in her state (Louisiana went for Romney by a whopping 17-point margin), so she might as well tackle it head-on. She certainly didn’t lead the charge to pass some kind of keep-your-plan legislation just for kicks, after all.

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