Pattern: Obama admin again releases regulatory agenda right before a holiday

Twice a year, every year, the White House is legally required to release a unified regulatory agenda to indicate for the public record precisely what it is the many arms of our now sprawling bureaucracy are planning to impose upon the American people. The agenda is just a compilation of all of the rules and regs that various departments and agencies are working on, typically released every April and October, but for some inexplicable reason, The Most Transparent Administration, Evah has had an inordinately difficult time complying with these longstanding static time frames.

During last year’s presidential election, they practically skipped out on the practice altogether; after completely nixing a Spring 2012 agenda, evidently because they simply felt like it, they only released their Fall 2012 agenda — not merely sometime soon after the presidential election — but they actually waited until the Friday before Christmas as everyone was getting out of town. Their Spring 2013 unified agenda was released way past the usual time and only the day before the Fourth of July, and this fall’s agenda they just released… last night. As in, the day before Thanksgiving, when Congress is leaving for recess and nobody is paying much attention to the news.

Avoiding the presidential election completely, and now avoiding the Congressional regulatory scrutiny that they can ill afford along with all of the ObamaCare criticisms coming in from all sides? It’s almost like they have some stuff going on they’d just rather not talk about, no? Via the Daily Caller:

On Tuesday, the White House released its regulatory agenda for the fall of 2013. It lists hundreds of pending energy and environmental regulations being crafting by executive branch agencies, including 134 regulations from the Environmental Protection Agency alone. …

Seventy-six of the EPA’s pending regulations originate from the agency’s air and radiation office, including carbon-dioxide-emission limits on power plants.

Carbon-dioxide limits are a key part of President Barack Obama’s climate agenda. The EPA is set to set emissions limits that would effectively ban the construction of new coal-fired power plants unless they use carbon capture and sequestration technology. Next year, the agency will move to limit emissions from existing power plants — which could put more older coal plants out of commission.

And completely shutting down existing coal plants next year, while perhaps one of the most noticeable, is only one of the many super-exciting, hyper-progressive regulatory plans the Obama administration has in the works. Obama can complain all day long about the many ways in which Republicans are spitefully thwarting his economic agenda at every turn as the underlying reason behind our practically nonexistent economic recovery, but in reality, it’s precisely the many economically soul-crushing regulations Obama has implemented on his own that are contributing so heavily to our current state of virtual stagnation.

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