NC small business owner: ObamaCare is driving me to drink

In their struggle to defend the ostensibly still-to-come merits of ObamaCare, Democrats are continuing to steamroll over the “anecdotal” economic concerns of individuals and small businesses with blithe assurances about ObamaCare oh-so-munificently requiring insurance companies to provide more fully comprehensive coverage. ‘Yes, you’ll probably have to pay a lot more for your policy, but who could possibly even want to decline a more complete cadre of benefits?’

…How about, the people for whom that makes zero economic sense, perhaps? At a House hearing on ObamaCare on Wednesday morning, the founder of early2surg, Sheila Salter, showcased a chart demonstrating the “$4,584 bite out of my business” she’s taking due to ObamaCare’s minimum-coverage requirements. The Free Beacon grabbed the vid:

SHEILA SALTER: When I hear people talk about oh, you know, go to the exchanges, shop, shop, shop. You have one plan, okay? That plan includes the benefits listed in the left-hand column. Now you can see Sheila’s plan. Sheila’s plan was the one that I chose. I chose my services. I’ve done that all these years. I chose those services, chose that deductible for $202 a month. Now, with Obamacare, I have to have those ten essential benefits. Now I challenge anybody in this room to look at the services that I selected for myself, noting that I’m 61. I know I don’t look it, and I have no children or history of alcohol or drug abuse. Yet, OK, because this is driving me to drink. But does anybody here really think that I need all the services on the left-hand column? I don’t think so.

ObamaCare is fraught with all kinds of opportunity costs for businesses that the law’s proponents seem determined to ignore or explain away as something that will result in a long-run benefit, but there are plenty of business owners that don’t happen to feel that way. On a somewhat more sober note, here’s another vid featuring a business owner from a forum at the Heritage Foundation on Tuesday, definitely worth the watch:

And sometimes, when things like this are constantly bombarding the small businesses of America, it’s just too much. And you think, “Why am I doing this?” and “What am I doing here?” But I have to look around and to remember I have 1,800 people who believe in this company, who need this work, who need these jobs. And this is a small thing, maybe, that people could think of, “Well, $5,000 for a menu board” or whatever. But it’s the added on regulations, it’s the added things that are constantly being thrown at us. And as a small business person that wants to keep going, it is really, really hard to do that.

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Jazz Shaw 10:01 PM on June 07, 2023