GOP rep: So, does anybody actually know how much these website delays are going to cost us?

Via NRO, an apt question that nobody seems to be asking from this morning’s House Oversight and Government Reform Committee hearing on the continuing trials and tribulations of ObamaCare’s botched rollout. From where in the budget, exactly, is all of the cash for this ongoing website-building supposed to come? If $600 million was the allotted cost and we’re two months in without a functioning website, how is this getting funded? …Crickets. Crickets.

David Powner, GAO: But your question about what it’s going to cost to fix it, that’s where we’re kind of blind to that. I think that’s a key question, how much that will end up being.

Rep. Duncan: Does anybody know? We’ve spent $600 million already and not working. Does anybody have any idea how much this is going to cost us in the end? [Silence.] Nobody knows?

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