Ed Schultz: Why is the mainstream media rooting so hard for ObamaCare to fail?

I’m not sure I understand the intended metaphor here — check out the weirdness starting at around the 2:00 mark — but I gather that he wishes the mainstream media would behave a lot more like his hunting lab when somebody tries to take something away from him. “He just will not let it go. That’s how we have to be. We have to be loyal to the cause. We have to hunt the same way every day, no matter how many birds or how much negativity is out there. We go after it the same way every time. That’s how you win!” So… I suppose, according to Schultz, the right thing for the mainstream media to do would be to deliberately not cover the millions of Americans losing their insurance plans, unable to access the website, and watching their new premiums skyrocket? To ignore, gloss over, or relentlessly spin away all of ObamaCare’s prohibitive problems, eschewing accuracy and any sort of journalistic integrity, in order to circle the wagons around ObamaCare? Am I getting that right?

But I’ll tell you what, there has been an onslaught of negativity on health care in this country which just baffles my mind. Why is it that people in the media have a fascination with failure? They will take a number and they will make a negative story out of it. Well, sometimes there’s only one bird in the field. But if you harvest in it, you’re going to eat good tonight. Why is it that we have people in the media in this country that, as I said, are fixed on failure, or fixated with something negative that they just want to drive it home. … Why is it that all of a sudden, we have this huge conflict in this pitbull mentality that we just won’t give up? The mainstream media, I believe, wants ObamaCare to fail. They look for every negative number they can find. They’re afraid to do a positive story, because they’re afraid that somebody might not watch. The media is just cherry picking the bad facts that are out there, repeating them over and over again, and in many cases, they’re making stuff up.

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