Ed Schultz none too happy with Wolf Blitzer for "spitting out Republican garbage"

In case you missed it yesterday, CNN’s Wolf Blitzer mentioned that on the air that, actually, some Republicans maybe have a pretty good point with their protestations that we should think about delaying ObamaCare for a year; that the law’s hastily programmed online portal is still experiencing a prohibitive number of “glitches” is beyond dispute, and holding off for awhile longer could give the administration some time to get its act together instead of wasting Americans’ time as well as risking their online security.

Note that he wasn’t expressing an opinion about ObamaCare in general, but rather that going live with a website that handles lots of sensitive information before it’s ready is probably not the best idea, and hey, some Republicans are practically offering the administration a way buy some time. Apparently, however, he got some flack for the possible suggestion, because he tweeted a clarification afterward:

This did nothing to quell the always-ferocious outrage of the Ed Schultz concerning Blitzer’s obvious streak of Republican-favored bias. Click the pic to watch at Mediaite:

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