Jindal: I don't know about 2016 yet, but we should probably go with a governor

While disenchantment with our federal government runs at an especial high as the nation watches (or declines to watch, as the case may be) the government-shutdown political shenanigans and the embarrassingly inept rollout of ObamaCare, the Republican governors have come out swinging with a message for Americans frustrated with the Washington, D.C. inertia. Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal summed it up pretty aptly on CNN on Monday afternoon:

I don’t even want to engage in Republican fratricide. There are more than enough Republicans fighting each other, going after each other. I do think that it makes sense to fight to repeal and replace ObamaCare, I think it’s bad policy — forget the politics. But we’re also, I’m the chairman of the Republican Governors’ Association, we’re launching an initiative called “The American Comeback Story.” We think voters are rightfully disgusted with all of the dysfunction in Washington, D.C. … Governors are actually proving with results that conservative policies can work. … We want to take back the Republican brand from D.C. For too long, we’ve outsourced it to Washington. We’ve got 30 Republican governors doing a great job across the state capitals, across the country. The important discussions aren’t happening in D.C. …

Honestly, the answer, is, I don’t know what I’m going to do in 2016. … I do think the next president, I do believe should come from the ranks of the governors. I do think that the governors, unlike the folks in DC, are actually implementing solutions. I think that one of the criticisms we’ve had about this president is that President Obama had to have on-the-job training, never had run anything before he was elected president of the United States.

Conservatives on the national scene (i.e., the dreaded Ted Cruz crowd) are getting eviscerated right and left in the media and Republicans aren’t exactly presenting a united front, but Jindal is looking to remind America that the centralized bureaucracy of the federal government is hardly conservatism’s natural home and that governors are making conservative policies work for the betterment of the people in their states. I’m for it.

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