Better Business Bureau: ObamaCare is turning into a "perfect storm" for scammers

No kidding. Whether it be by aggressive phone-, email-, and door-to-door scam operations, or via computer hackers, ObamaCare’s hugely confusing and convoluted nature is providing ample opportunities for fraud and identity theft for the unscrupulous. If merely signing up for ObamaCare through the main website is going so terrifically poorly because of the administration’s overly hasty programming design, I can only imagine what delightful privacy-related “glitches” we’ll discover as people actually start enrolling en masse. The Better Business Bureau has been all over getting the information about the shady possibilities to the public, but unfortunately, it sounds like scammers are already going for it; NRO clipped this video from a local news show this morning:

Scammers look at opportunities where there’s confusion, where people don’t really understand what perhaps the new law is bringing to them. … There’s plenty of confusion over this, and this a great opportunity for scammers to confuse you further to try and get into your pocketbook. … We’re getting reports even here in Birmingham of people going door-to-door, telling homeowners that they are with an insurance company or they are with Medicare and that they’re going to have to have an Affordable Care Act Card. And so, in order to get their new card they’ve got to give their Social Security number, their bank accounts, all these things that people need to protect with everything they have and we’ve gotten report of them just handing these out… It’s a perfect opportunity for your identity to be stolen, for your bank accounts to be… your payments to be re-routed. It’s just so critical that people understand what the Affordable Care Act is, what it will do and what it won’t do, and you’re not going to get that information from strangers knocking on your door or calling you on the telephone. … [The federal government is not soliciting door-to-door for people to sign up for the Affordable Care Act], and they’re not going to…  HealthCare.Gov is where you can go for real information…

Batten down the hatches, ya’ll.

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