Planned Parenthood drops $1 million on more anti-Cuccinelli war-on-women ads in Virginia

We all know how much the Left simply abhors well-monied outside groups throwing gobs of cash at hotly contested races in general, but their own well-monied outside groups — like, say, Planned Parenthood — are obviously exempt from their otherwise highly righteous scruples.

Planned Parenthood has been lending quite the hand to Terry McAuliffe with his entirely unoriginal and trumped-up war-on-women meme-ing in the Virginia gubernatorial, with such outreach efforts as mailers most helpfully designating Ken Cuccinelli as “extremely dangerous for women,” and with one month to go until election day, Planned Parenthood is stepping up their game with a big television and ad buy. Via WaPo:

Planned Parenthood Votes has spent more than $1 million on television and radio ads that will soon air in the Norfolk and Richmond areas, telling women that they should not trust Ken Cuccinelli II, the Republican candidate for Virginia governor.

Planned Parenthood’s various political advocacy groups have been heavily involved in the Virginia race for more than eight months, pushing a campaign dubbed “Keep Ken Out” and endorsing the Democratic candidate, Terry McAuliffe. Women’s issues, especially those related to abortion, have dominated campaign commercials and debates.

Planned Parenthood Votes plans to release its television ad on Wednesday. It will hit airwaves in the Richmond and Norfolk areas later this week. The ad warns voters about Cuccinelli’s stances or actions that the group considers dangerous to women’s health, including limiting access to birth control, opposing emergency contraception and banning abortions.


Which fits in well with the predominant theme of an ad McAuliffe’s camp released this week as well:

These ads are getting this “interfering with access to birth control” claim from a bill Cuccinelli co-sponsored back in his days in the state senate that would have bestowed full personhood on unborn babies from the moment of fertilization — the main point there being establishing legal recourse for parents in the event that an unborn child is killed through negligence or the criminal act of a third party (and if you think this doesn’t happen, you need to think again). Politifact Virginia rated this type of claim about Cuccinelli “half true” in August because, as critics like McAuliffe posit, the tabled bill (which made no references to birth control) could potentially have paved the way for legal challenges to certain forms of contraception — never mind that nobody was or is talking about banning birth control pills, and Cuccinelli certainly isn’t making plans to do so as governor.

It’s yet another attempt to direct everyone’s attention away from Cuccinelli’s actual agenda concerning the much more pressing issues of Virginia’s economy, employment, energy, education, and etcetera, and Cuccinelli just released an ad countering McAuliffe’s claims with a Democratic and female member of Richmond’s school board who supports his K-12 education plan. Via WaPo:

Unfortunately, McAuliffe’s dire and dramatic “extremist” ads still seem to be working — he has quite the gender gap going in his favor.