Axelrod: Republicans are trying to delegitimize Obama just like they did Clinton

Yes, because that’s what it’s always about, everybody: These trifling conservatives’ personal contempt for a particular Democrat and their deep-seated desire to undermine him, and rarely-to-never about sincere qualms in matters of policy or the lawful administration thereof. So suggested David Axelrod, anyway, during an MSNBC segment bizarrely entitled “Impeachment Fever” — although, as Andrew Stiles noted at NRO, the grand total of Republican impeachment-mentions inciting this particular outrageous outrage from the MSNBC crowd comes to… four.

I think a lot of this emanates from the nature of the Republican base, and a lot of these guys are throwing red meat to the base. … You mentioned Speaker Boehner, the real question is the Republican leadership going to tolerate that? Boehner has yet to really stand up to these folks, and this is something that really deserves to be repudiated and you’d hope he would. One thing I would say though, Chris, delegitimization of presidents is something that we’ve seen now. It happened under the Clinton administration. We all remember how vituperative those times were and there were people on the left who aimed some of that at George W. Bush. Now, admittedly, it’s spun out of control now, because these folks are in control of the Republican party. So it’s at a fevered pitch now.

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David Strom 3:31 PM on February 02, 2023