French president assigns ministerial homework assignment; tragicomedy ensues

Yes, because if history is any guide, that is usually how Socialism turns out in the long term, right? Via the Telegraph:

French president François Hollande has asked his cabinet to describe France in the year 2025, sparking claims that some are living in “Cloud Cuckoo Land”. …

Ministers were given a month to complete their “summer homework” on their “vision” for France in 12 years with answers due to be handed in on Monday. …

In documents leaked by Le Point magazine, Pierre Moscovici, finance minister, warned that the exercise could be “risky” if allowed to turn into “public policy fiction”.

But he went on to predict “full employment” by the year 2025, describing it as a “realistic aim” for a country in which the jobless rate is currently approaching the 11 per cent mark.

Typically bombastic is Arnaud Montebourg, the industrial recovery minister and self-styled champion of “Le Made in France”. He sees his country as a world leader in a wealth of industrial sectors from nanotechnology to rail.


Oh, boy. The French government is wiping their brows over a better-than-“expected” emergence from their latest stretch of economic recession, but Hollande has been struggling beneath plunging approval ratings after hardly even a year in office; he’s been making some pretty far-fetched displays of France’s economic outlook, and I have the gravest doubts that this was really an exercise in defining his ministers’ goals and ambitions for their departments as it was some kind of ill-conceived PR stunt designed to help assuage the country’s deep-seated pessimism with fantasies about their policies’ prospects.

I’m with these guys:

The forecasts received a mixed press, with Le Figaro scoffing at the “idyllic vision” of some, l’Express calling them “self-congratulatory” and France TV headlining its article: “Ministers in Cloud Cuckoo Land.” Right-wing senator Roger Karoutchi, meanwhile, suggested the tone was reminiscent of Alice in Wonderland.

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