Rand Paul: Chris Christie's denunciation was a "big mistake" for him

The Chris Christie-Rand Paul throwdown may indeed be “played out,” as Norah O’Donnell suggests — but only for the moment. The 2016-contender shakeout over the Republican party’s platform isn’t going go away, and while Chris Christie has viable political logic for distinguishing his red-cred early and often, Rand Paul maintains that the out-of-hand dismissal of the GOP’s libertarian wing was a long-term wise move for neither Christie himself nor Republicans in general. Appealing to the youth contingent that so overwhelmingly voted for Obama in the past two elections is going to take some re-jiggering, and invasions of privacy are one very prominent way to hit home:

I think that was a big mistake for him. … Think about young people, and what young people are concerned with. We want young people to be able to come to the Republican party. They don’t have any money, so they’re not too concerned with taxes and regulations, but they all have a cell phone, and they’re all on the Internet, and they are concerned about their privacy. So I think the Republican party ought to be the party that is concerned with and wants to protect your right to privacy.