OFA: "Climate change is real -- #ScienceSaysSo." Got it.

Earlier this year, President Obama’s election campaign turned ‘advocacy’ group Organizing for Action promised that they would be focusing their attentions on shoring up support for some of the biggest progressive poster issues like gun control climate change… and only they know why.

After an initial sputter in May, they’re evidently back at it, and OFA’s Twitter stream has been going bananas today with climate-change tweets of a highly predictable nature. Ughh.

They’re also out with another “Republicans are climate deniers” ad, which is pretty much just a condensed version of the falsified first one and attempts to paint Republicans as caricatures of themselves. Yet, once again, OFA is equating “daring to question whether the ostensibly catastrophic effects of climate change are really as immediate as alarm-mongerers have wrongly claimed they are for decades” with “flatly denying that climate change is even a thing.” Yes, climate change has been going on since the beginning of Earth, and changing conditions are indeed something with which we should probably concern ourselves — but the biggest lesson from the scientific community of late is that we don’t know what we don’t know about its causes and effects. The accepted climate models of the past decades are all failing to bear out; how long have we been told that the “science is settled” (what a faithful scientific notion!), and now we’re miraculously finding out the science isn’t settled? The president still talks about climate change like it’s 2002, but that’s not a great reason to rush headlong into economy-damaging regulations when a robust free market is the single biggest driver of the innovations and efficiencies for which the climate-hysteria statists claim that they’re searching.

Earlier this summer, Mary Katharine mentioned that some of Organizing for Action’s attempts to rally support for gun-control went out with a fizzle. Granted, it’s difficult to enthuse people in non-election years, and I won’t be underestimating OFA’s marketing prowess again, but at the moment… Merp. Awkward.