CNN joins the parade with a new Hillary Clinton documentary

The major motion picture, the mini-series, and now — the documentary:

CNN Films has tapped documentary filmmaker Charles H. Ferguson to direct a feature-length documentary about former Hillary Clinton, POLITICO has learned.

“CNN is very pleased to be working with Academy-Award winner Charles Ferguson on the film, which will be released in theaters and air on CNN,” Allison Gollust, the network’s senior vice president of communications, told POLITICO on Monday. The release date has yet to be determined.

The film adds yet another installment to the growing list of Hillary-related television projects and books slated for release before the 2016 presidential campaign. But is also presents a potential image problem for CNN’s News division as it covers Clinton in the run up to her highly anticipated bid for the White House.

Gollust told POLITICO, “CNN’s editorial side has no role in the production of the film, just as it has no role in any of the films produced or acquired by CNN Films.”

The powers that be are really going for it on solidifying The Woman, The Myth, The Legend that was/is Hillary Clinton, although I have rather a funny feeling that all of this biographic-entertainment coverage is going to miraculously manage to skating right over the many past moments at which she wasn’t so very trusted and exalted a political figure and end happily in triumph. And it isn’t just the media gunning to beautify her political image; the pro-Clinton PAC formed earlier this year is hauling in some serious dollars in her name, many of which are coming from some of President Obama’s usual mega-donors, again via Politico:

Ready For Hillary, the super PAC with close ties to Clinton confidants, has raised more than $1 million dollars since its inception this year— with a good chunk of the cash coming from mega-donors to President Barack Obama.

While it’s hardly a breathtaking amount of money by today’s standards, the effort drives home the painful message to other potential Democratic presidential hopefuls that Clinton controls the field three years before any votes are cast. …

Political operatives close to Vice-president Joseph Biden, New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo and Maryland Gov. Martin O’Malley say privately that the men will not run if Clinton gets into the race. “He doesn’t have a death wish,” said an advisor to one.