DWS: My district is going to be "underwater in a few short years"

It would seem that the representatives of the Party of Science haven’t quite cottoned on to the fact that reality is forcing the global climate-change discussion in a new and more moderate direction.

Tucker, we’ve had nine inches of sea-level rise since the 1920s. I mean, what that means is that communities like mine in south Florida and coastal communities all across the country are facing dangerous sea-level rise that will ultimately cause homes to be underwater in just a few short years. So, we’ve got to strike a balance between investing in renewable alternative energy as well as our fossil fuel.

Okay, now — it is exactly this type of hyperintense alarm-mongering that has a lot of climate-change scientists and advocates desperately trying to save face of late. They have been hysterically pointing to temperature rises and their imminently catastrophic consequences for decades, and suddenly all of their climate models are completely failing to bear out as the rate of the earth’s warming has actually slowed down significantly. That isn’t to say that climate change isn’t necessarily a problem that we need to actively consider, but simply that we just don’t know everything about it and its causes and we shouldn’t rush to enact massive, top-down overhauls in the name of “settled science” that clearly isn’t. I like how Ron Arnold put it at the Washington Examiner:

What does America have to show for the billions of taxpayer dollars spent to stop climate change? Is the climate better now because of 20 years of throwing money at it? …

Not if you heard President Obama’s Georgetown University speech Tuesday or read his 21-page Climate Action Plan. He’s back in 1993 with global doom propaganda, deceptive temperature claims, demonized fossil fuels and ridiculously ineffective climate fixes. In 2013 reality, did our 20 years of panicky billions buy a better climate?

Big Green doesn’t want that question asked, much less answered. If the climate improved, their cash registers would fall silent and their followers snore loudly.

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David Strom 6:31 PM on October 05, 2022