Pennsylvania union ad: Liquor store privatization is pretty much a death trap

I have no words.

…Never mind — I found words. No, this isn’t a PSA about the criminality, terrible dangers, and tragic consequences of drunk driving; this is basically a campaign ad from a Pennsylvania union trying to invent reasons about why it is they should be allowed to maintain their vast state-sponsored monopoly… and it is messed up.

In a nutshell, Governor Tom Corbett has been pushing a plan for privatization of state-run wine, beer, and liquor sales in Pennsylvania, and the state House has already passed a plan to do so — a move to which the United Food and Commercial Workers Union, some 5,000 of whose members currently staff the more than 600 liquor stores across the state, was uproariously opposed, natch. The ostensible point of their ad campaign seems to be that both current laws and “the effectiveness of the wine and spirits’ stores employees, Pennsylvania has the lowest death rate associated with alcohol consumption in the nation,” but what it is exactly about the act of union employees simply selling alcohol according to the laws that will still remain on the books is so very “effective,” is conspicuously unclear — although I’m sure the lack of competition and subsequently higher alcohol prices and workers’ compensation has something to do with their ridiculous correlation.

If you happened to be looking for a visualization of what “shameless” looks like, that was it.