Issa: Jay Carney is the administration's "paid liar" on the IRS scandal

Some real talk from House Oversight and Government Reform Committee Chairman Darrell Issa on CNN on Sunday morning, in which he called out the Obama administration’s dismissive attempts to downplay and mislead on the real and coordinated nature of the Internal Revenue Service’s especial targeting of conservative groups. As Ed pointed out yesterday, the administration’s attempts to quell the bipartisan outrage with claims that merely “a few,” low level, and most definitely rogue IRS employees were involved in those seedy political machinations turned out to be, oh, you know, just a casual 88 employees at the least, no big deal or anything. Rep. Issa isn’t at all convinced that this entire scandal wasn’t the result of some distinct nudges straight from Washington, no matter how much they send out White House Press Secretary Jay Carney to spin tales to the contrary, and his committee isn’t planning on letting up. Via NRO:

“The administration is still — their paid liar, their spokesperson, picture behind,” Issa said on CNN’s State of the Union this morning, where the set has a picture of Carney behind host Candy Crowley, “he’s still making up things about what happen[ed] and calling this local rogue.”

“The reason that Lois Lerner tried to take the fifth [amendment] is not because there’s a rogue in Cincinnati,” he added. “It’s because this is a problem that was coordinated. in all likelihood, right out of Washington headquarters.”