MSNBC consensus: Obama's speech was historic, amazing, "one of the best of his presidency"

In case you missed it, Allahpundit had President Obama’s number on the recycled rehash that was his ‘big speech’ yesterday — which was epic only in the sense that it was an egregious nothingburger of bromides about what we’re told are President Foreign Policy’s miraculous yet still oddly unmaterialized abilities to move us drastically closer to world peace. But, if we could count on anybody to still be gushing about it more than six hours later, we know where to look. I have to give the president some credit: It was of course nothing doing to dissuade conservatives from the robust pursuit of Scandalmania and the accompanying questions and criticisms, but it was an effective squirrel in at least momentarily getting back in these guys’ well-sung and complementary graces:

Charlie Spiering has a thoroughly LOL-worthy mashup of the whole MSNBC gang at the Washington Examiner if you’re looking for some spectacular examples of media fawning, and boy howdy, do they ever love calling their man “historic.” It was “one of those signature speeches by this person at this moment in history that somehow rise up out of normal politics and address a taboo with an uncommon level of frankness and clarity and nuance,” said Chris Hayes. A speech “worthy of a man who has won the Nobel Peace Prize,” added Al Sharpton — you remember, the Nobel Peace Prize that he totally earned a mere nine months into his presidency? Yeah, that one.