Happy Tax Day!

Curious to see where it is your tax dollars are going on this fine spring day? The Heritage Foundation has a handy infographic with the breakdown:


Or, if you prefer, you can check out the White House’s version of your tax receipt, which gets a tiny bit more specific — but conspicuously not that specific, hem hem. Fun, right?

According to Gallup, a solid 55 percent of Americans feel that their income taxes are fair, down from a high of 64 percent in 2003, with 66 percent of Democrats and 49 percent of Republicans saying that their taxes are fair:

Trend: Do you regard the income tax which you will have to pay this year as fair?

One of the biggest downsides to our wildly complex and convoluted tax code, however, is the cost of compliance that takes a big ol’ bite out of productivity; in 2010 alone, compliance costs came in at a whopping $168 billion and 6.1 billion hours, according to the federal Taxpayer Advocate 2012 report. That gigantic stack of ObamaCare regulations the federal government is currently putting together? Our tax code looks like that… times four. Oof.

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