Er, is Anthony Weiner planning a political comeback?

Hey, remember that one time, when ex-New York Congressman Anthony Weiner left office in the whirlwind of disgrace resulting from his indecent-exposure/Twitter-mishap scandal and subsequent credulity-shattering attempt to sweep the whole thing under the rug?

…Yeah, I tried to forget about it, too.

Shaking my head, guys. Via Fox News:

Disgraced former Rep. Anthony Weiner spent $106,500 this month on two polls, apparently to test the possibility of staging what would be a stunning political comeback, according to campaign filings yesterday.

“When you spend $50,000 on a poll, that’s the real thing,” said one political insider. “You’re getting everything you can find out from voters. This guy spent a hundred grand.”

Politico reports that the polling may have been him pursuing a couple different options:

Weiner declined comment, and it’s unclear precisely what the polling was for. The New York Post reported earlier this year on a polling survey being conducted tossing Weiner’s name into the mix for city comptroller and for mayor.

A path to the mayoralty is more complicated for Weiner in a crowded field, while the comptroller’s race is all but certain to be won by Manhattan Borough President Scott Stringer.

While Weiner would face questions about the scandal, there is a window for him to run for mayor. The Democratic field has yet to gel, with only one candidate, City Council Speaker Christine Quinn, showing relatively high name recognition in comparison to the others.

I don’t even know. Maybe the leftover campaign funds from his mayoral prospects before his disastrous fall from grace were just burning a hole in his pocket, but in this not-much-is-sacred day and age, I almost wouldn’t be surprised if he thinks he could somehow manage to turn his very public demonstration of mind-blowingly awful judgment, pathological lying, and straight-up lewd creepiness into some sort of political asset. Woof.