Video: George H.W. Bush's first flash mob

Aw heck, it’s been a slow day and it’s kinda’ fun, so why not?

Stopping in for what the Bush family no doubt thought would just be a routine photo op at the Texas A&M Bush School of Government and Public Service on March 1st (the school apparently withheld the video until yesterday), the 41st president suddenly found himself at the front of a country-themed flash mob choreographed by students in his honor. Via CBS News:

“President Bush visits the school at least four times a year,” Buch told CBS News. “He’d never seen a flash mob before, so his administration thought it would be a unique way to honor the president.”

With the goal to make the dance exclusively students of the Bush School, an email went out to the student population two weeks before the big show asking for participants. Three rehearsals – and a week of work with a Nashville country music artist to re-record the tailored lyrics – later, the mob was ready to dance.

Afterward, Buch said, Bush met with the performers, as well as alumni and faculty in attendance.

“He said he loved it,” she said. “He loved the lyrics. He wanted an encore. One of the Flash Mob America cameras was just on him the whole time, and it was so great to watch his reaction. He kept moving his scooter closer and closer.”