Graham: Rand Paul's filibuster demonstrated "paranoia between libertarians and the hard left that is unjustified"

If you didn’t happen to have a few spare hours to tune in to Sen. Rand Paul’s epic 13-hour filibuster, a bunch of fellow Republican senators joined in to echo Paul’s questions about the Obama administration’s policy on drone use on American citizens and on American soil, including Cruz, Rubio, McConnell, Lee, Moran, Barrasso, Toomey, Flake, Scott, Thune, and Johnson — and the whole thing even got bipartisan when Democratic Sen. Ron Wyden agreed that Paul’s questions were appropriate and legitimate ones to ask of the administration.

Not all Republicans, however, were quite as enthusiastic about Paul’s efforts last night.

Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., said the prospect of drones being used to kill people in the United States was “ridiculous” and he called the debate “paranoia between libertarians and the hard left that is unjustified.”

Rep. Mike Rogers, R-Mich., the chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, echoed Graham. He said it is unconstitutional for the U.S. military or intelligence agencies to conduct lethal counterterrorism operations in the United States against U.S. citizens. Suggesting they can or might, Rogers said, “provokes needless fear and detracts attention from the real threats facing the country.”

Via Gateway Pundit:


Well, if the idea is so very “ridiculous,” then why the heck can’t the administration just say no?

Graham gave his own performance on the Senate floor on Thursday with Sen. McCain backing him up; suggesting that we’re going to rain death on Jane Fonda or someone sitting in a cafe brings the discussion from the realm of the serious “into the ridiculous,” said McCain. “I don’t think what happened yesterday was helpful to the American people. … What we saw yesterday is going to give ammunition to those critics who say the rules of the Senate are being abused.”

“I don’t remember you [Republicans] coming down here saying President Bush was going to kill anyone with a drone,” Graham chided. “I do not believe that [Paul’s question] is a question that deserves an answer.”