White House: Oh yeah, about Obama's budget -- sequestration is exacerbating the holdup

So the White House simply hasn’t had the time to finish up a major project that was due a month ago, yet somehow, they’ve managed to come up with and fudge overly-alarmist numbers for specific Cabinet officials and sent them all out on a sequestration scaremongering spree. Got it. Via Politico:

 President Obama’s budget will probably be released in March, White House press secretary Jay Carney said Thursday, but has been delayed in part by “manufactured crises” including sequestration.

“The series of manufactured crises around budget issues, certainly has resulted at least in part in those experts in the administration who work on those issues having to spend a lot of time dealing with those crises rather than on that,” Carney said during his daily briefing. “But that’s part of the job and they’re working on the budget.”

There it is, the latest and also bogus victim to fall to this dreadful sequestration business: President Obama’s budget (talk about “manufacturing crises,” yeesh).

Huh. How do you suppose that kind of procrastination-oriented excuse would fly with a professor or a boss? The White House is required to submit an annual budget to Congress on the first Monday in February every single year — it’s a deadline that they know is coming well in advance, and yet have neglected to abide by four out of the five years he’s been president. Our country’s federal budget is kind of an important assignment, but all the White House can say is, “Meh, we’re working on it, it might be ready sometime this month.” At least they’re bothering with an excuse this time, I guess.