Boehner on SOTU: It's easy to go out there and act like Santa Claus

Yeah, actually — I’d say that’s a pretty accurate way of putting it.

“Trying to find a funding source to repair the nation’s infrastructure is still a big goal of mine. And the president talked about infrastructure, but he didn’t talk about how to pay for it,” Boehner told reporters Thursday morning. “It’s easy to go out there and be Santa Claus and talk about all these things you want to give away, but at some point, somebody’s got to pay the bill.”

Promises, promises — like the ones President Obama made during his State of the Union for things like a “Fix-It First” program, more infrastructure spending, and universal preschool — all certainly sound like lovely public “investments,” but where exactly is all the money for these extenuated stimulus efforts supposed to come from? It defies credulity that the president can be perfectly okay with proposing new spending ideas while we’re still adding trillions of dollars to our debt in the next ten years. ‘Whatever, we’ve pretty much achieved the deficit reduction levels economists say we need to stabilize our debt — problem solved, amirite?’

That’s essentially the point Daniel Henninger made in today’s WSJ — none of this is really about fiscal sanity or political pragmatism. This is President Obama’s party, and America is just along for the ride:

That we are all just riding in Barack Obama’s sidecar should have been obvious from day one. His 2008 Denver acceptance speech enveloped nearly everything. The vast, sweeping goals he then laid out in January 2009 are virtually the same ones he described Tuesday night—the climate cleansed, education for all, social justice achieved and the drowning middle-class saved. …

Commentary from right to left after the speech noted the mismatch between its goals and money available in any conceivable federal budget. So why is he doing this? More to the point, what have we gotten ourselves into with this president? …

Whether any of these laws and spending ideas—Fix-It-First, an Energy Security Trust, Paycheck Fairness—come to life, much less work, doesn’t matter. That’s not their first purpose. For Mr. Obama, the main thing is to join one or two real achievements, such as ObamaCare, to a laundry list of grandiose intentions and hope future historians conclude that what little he did and all that he dreamed made him a great man. Some might say it’s delusional. He’d say that history will judge.