Officially confirmed: John Kerry, Secretary of State

No surprises there, via ABC:

By an overwhelming vote of 94-3, the Senate has confirmed Sen. John Kerry, D-Mass., to be the next Secretary of State.

The vote was met with a long round of applause from those in the Senate chamber for the 28-year Senate veteran. He appeared on the floor, greeted by hugs and congratulations from his fellow senators.

Kerry voted “present,” in the vote for his promotion. Kerry will take office in the shadow left by outgoing Secretary of State Hilary Clinton…

Republican senators Jim Inhofe, Ted Cruz, and John Cornyn were the only dissenting voters, with Cornyn’s spokesman offering that the senator couldn’t go along with the vote because “Sen. Kerry has a long history of liberal positions that are not consistent with a majority of Texans.”

So, Kerry is officially in, and Clinton is on her way out, her last day being February 1st. As she’ll attest on Nightline tonight, she’s been prepping for the transition and is confident that Kerry will “pick right up where I left off and represent us around the world.” Meanwhile, Clinton had the opportunity to further reflect on her tenure at a State Department event on Tuesday afternoon, and cited Benghazi as one of her deepest regrets as secretary: