That frightening water-on-fire image from Gasland is total baloney

Whenever I breach the subject of domestic energy production, the natural-gas boom, or just ‘environmentalism’ in general with my friends, peers, and even my more politically-sentient relatives, I’m inevitably confronted with a reply that amounts to, “Yes, but in areas where fracking is going on, chemicals seep out and people can light their water on fire!” Head, meet desk.

Josh Fox, the creator of the “documentary” Gasland, and his environmentalist ilk have done an undeniably effective job peddling the powerful and completely misleading image of faucets-on-fire as anti-hydrofracking propaganda, but an honest response to all of the alarm-mongering in Gasland is finally here.

The same independent filmmakers of Not Evil, Just Wrong are all set to premiere their latest, Frack Nation — and it’s especially relevant now that the shale oil-and-gas boom is sweeping the country, and both the Obama administration and certain individual states are still working out how they’ll handle their policy prescriptions in the near future.