Awkward vid of the day: Barbara Walters asks Chris Christie if he's too overweight to be president

I hardly even know what to say about this one.


Christie seems to take it pretty well — he’s never really been much for political correctness or beating around the bush — and basically just dismisses the question, shooting back that his weight hasn’t impeded his ability to work vigorous 18-hour days in the crisis-management wake of Hurricane Sandy (his popularly-received-in-New-Jersey handling of which he’s clearly missing no opportunity to tout, as he still has to win his gubernatorial election in 2013).

Other than that, though, this is kind of a non-sequitur for me, so I’ll just pose a couple of questions for you guys. Are people saying that Christie couldn’t be president because of his weight? I’m sure it would’ve come up eventually, given that he’s obviously keeping a weather eye on a 2016 run for the GOP presidential nominee, but I didn’t realize we had already started down that road, and I can’t see that it’s done anything to hamper his political career so far. And another thing: Christie doesn’t sound offended, but was it a legitimate question, or was it a little too shallow/beyond the pale? Could an interviewer ever get away with asking such a thing of a woman politician (although, Walters apparently asked Hillary Clinton about her hairstyle for the same series, so, wash?), or is it Christie’s candid and bombastic personality that makes it okay? Or do we all just need to stop being so dang sensitive about this type of thing?