WH: Obama's "not particularly concerned" about whether Rice misled the public

In response to a question from Major Garrett on whether or not the Obama administration’s decidedly botched handling of the 9/11/12 attack in Benghazi has raised “core questions of basic competency,” White House Press Secretary Jay Carney responded that, why no, President Obama isn’t particularly concerned about whether or not the American people were fed a politically convenient and absolutely false string of misinformation.

What the president is worried about, Major, is what happened and why in Benghazi. He is not particularly concerned about whether the ambassador or I went out and talked about the fact that we believed extremists might have been responsible. And whether we named them as al Qaeda or not does not–no, it certainly doesn’t have any bearing on what happened and who was responsible as that investigation was continuing on Benghazi.

So, let’s just be clear about this: President Obama does not find it of especial import that somebody, cough cough, armed Amb. Susan Rice with talking points that were so wedded to the very dodgy explanation of a spontaneous protest that just happened to fit the White House’s preferred foreign-policy narrative ahead of a tough election fight, for which the most likely explanation is either utter incompetence or deliberate lying?


Hey, remember that one time when the president was most definitely concerned about how Mitt Romney supposedly jumped the gun in criticizing the Obama administration for the Benghazi attack? The president was sure as heck interested in the “he said, she said” side of it all when that little ol’ mishap first went down — oh, how the times have changed.