Obama's small biz chief: ObamaCare, hurting small biz? I'm sure I don't know what you mean...

On MSNBC this morning, the Obama administration’s head of the Small Business Administration Karen Mills somehow managed to avoid actually answering Joe Scarborough’s questions about the many recent reports of small businesses’ concerns about coping with the requirements of ObamaCare. Apparently, the Obama administration lives under a very worldview-confirming rock.

Scarborough: But, we do hear from business owners, I’m sure you do too, that are now contemplating after the election… saying, ‘Gosh, I’m going to have to start keeping people under 30 hours… so ObamaCare doesn’t apply to me, I’m going to lose my best people and be only hiring part-timers, it’s only a matter of time before I go out of business and I can’t afford the costs of what this new regulation puts on me.’ …Explain that cutoff, and secondly, what do you tell those business owners? Why are they wrong?

Mills: I travel all around the country. Every week, I go to a different part of the country, I’m with small businesses, and I’m not hearing that…

Scarborough: You’ve never heard that? You need to talk to your staff and tell ’em to get you out of the bubble, because we are hearing it all the time. … Have you never heard that before?

Mills: When I am out, absolutely what small businesses want to do is grow their business. And the other thing that they want, this is what I hear all the time, ‘I want to provide health care. We are like a family here. The day that I got to provide health care for my workers, that was when I called my business a success.’

Gee, businesses want to be profitable, expand their outfits, and provide health insurance in order to compete for the best possible employees? …You don’t say. But that still doesn’t answer Scarborough’s question about why it is small businesses supposedly don’t need to be worrying about ObamaCare’s incoming regulations.

As Mills acknowledges earlier in the segment, about two out of three new jobs in the United States currently come from the auspices of small business — but somehow, the Obama administration seems deaf to many small businesses’ recent cries that ObamaCare is going to cripple their ability to grow and hire. That does not bode well for the economic growth and job creation that we as a country sorely need.