Election day: The journey, the turnaround, the moment

I realize it may be a little late for things like this, but as we all anxiously (not that “anxiously” even begins to cover the range of my distraught emotions right now) await the results that will start rolling in and taking shape later in this long day, I’ll admit that this vid from Team R actually brought me a moment of relative calm.

Whatever your predictions may be, and whether you’ll consider this either a parting shot or an opening preamble, everything that Romney’s voiceover imparts is everything that’s at stake in this election. Anyone who believes that America is endowed with a moral imperative to remain a bastion of strength and righteousness; anyone who believes that America is in need of someone who can manage us out of this economic mess; anyone who believes that the keys to prosperity and virtue lie in freedom and individual initiative rather than top-down government — the choice is clear. If we can’t collectively make that choice as a nation today, then woe betide our republic.