DWS: "President Obama is going to win Florida"

Echoing Obama campaign manager Jim Messina‘s tone yesterday, DNC Chairwoman and Florida Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz was all confidence on MSNBC last night, poo-pooing the idea that Team Romney and conservative groups’ efforts could realistically expand the map at this point.

I’m sure that they’re going to go swimming in the kitchen sink at this point. I mean, what they can’t get away from is that we have been executing our ground game we built for almost two years now. Actually, in some states, we never left, like North Carolina, like Florida, where our organization has been there since the beginning of the last campaign. And we’ve been executing, we’ve run circles around the Republicans when it comes to early vote. … We’ve eclipsed them in early voting, we’ve run circles around them in the ground game. So, let them keep swimming in the kitchen sink, and we’re going to keep turning out voters. … President Obama is going to win Florida. I am confident.

I realize it’s practically her job to project confidence and scoff at the puny efforts of those pusillanimous Republicans, but that’s some awfully bold leading-with-one’s-chin to be doing with the race this close.

Team Obama claimed that North Carolinians would have another chance to hear Obama speak after he canceled his gigantic stadium appearance during the Democratic convention in Charlotte, but — surprisethey won’t (although Michelle Obama will campaign there early next week); Florida is looking extremely shaky and trending in Mitt Romney’s direction; and as far as early voting goes, compared to 2008 levels both in Florida and nationwide, the Democratic totals are not what they ought to be if President Obama is going to eke out a win.

And as far as Democrats’ overall ground game goes, it may be good, but, via Fox News

Team Obama’s strategy for the election has been based on community organizing principles, a cash advantage and having three years of lead time to get Democrats ready to carry the president to a second term. …

But as the president saw his consistent lead evaporate in October, Democrats have increasingly focused on ground game and how a well-funded, long-term Blue Team effort in swing states would outmatch Romney’s poll surge. …

But as it happened, the Red Team has stuck with Romney and thanks to a strong showing in debates both the GOP activist base and right-of center independents have rallied to Romney’s standard. The Republican Party may be outmatched when it comes to resources and ground game, but they retained an organic advantage on turnout. It’s not the crimson tide of 2010, but seems to be running substantially above what we saw in 2008 and 2004.

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Jazz Shaw 5:31 PM on December 01, 2022