New Senate ads: Tim Kaine supports tax hikes that will cost Virginia jobs

Of the number of still-up-in-the-air Senate races going on, I’ve most closely monitored the Tim Kaine (D) v. George Allen (R) contest in my home state of Virginia… which, while it’s a critically important race, may-or-may-not have something to do with the fact that I can’t get into my car without a “war on women”-themed Tim Kaine radio ad jabbing me in the ear.

Mitt Romney is still riding the wave of momentum that’s steadily improved his prospects in taking the Old Dominion — RCP has the state all tied up when hardly a month ago the polls were all leaning towards Obama — but neither candidate seems to be ready to cede the territory (although both had to cancel Virginia campaign events due to Hurricane Sandy). Whether that momentum is more Romney-centric than GOP-centric is harder to read, with Virginia’s multiple-personality voting history and with the Kaine v. Allen polls a little more disparate (although the recent WaPo poll that had Kaine at 51 and Allen at 44 seems suspiciously outlier-ish, hmmm).

Conservative super PAC Crossroads GPS is dropping ad bombs in toss-up Senate races all over the country, of course throwing a couple aimed at Virginia into the mix.

Hitching Tim Kaine to Barack Obama’s wagon via defense cuts and tax hikes, and reminding Virginia of how much they have to gain from more free-market energy policies: good moves, both, with the state’s high population of defense bureaucrats and offshore drilling opportunities.

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Jazz Shaw 12:01 PM on November 28, 2022