Video: The dinosaur election

It’s an interesting phenomenon that, in a state like Virginia that’s enjoying below-average unemployment and above-average economic growth due in large part to its conservative governance and sound economic principles, the effect of the somewhat-insulation from the recession might actually be to make the state a little more swing-y in Barack Obama’s favor than it might otherwise be.

The same folks who are challenging the deceptive claims made in the now-infamous anti-fracking “documentary” Gasland are examining how a similar effect from the shale gas boom might be taking hold in the swing states of Pennsylvania and especially Ohio. Domestic energy production has brought plenty of job creation and economic growth to those states of late, but it isn’t because of the “green technology” in which the Obama administration has frivolously “invested” billions of our tax dollars — it’s because of the hydraulic fracturing methods and hydrocarbon resources on which a second Obama term will likely be looking to clamp down. If you watch nothing else today, watch this.

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