Dueling Romney/Obama FP ads: "Healed the world?" vs. "20th-century approach"

With the third presidential debate focusing exclusively on foreign policy and national security this evening, both camps have been kicking the messaging on those fronts into high gear. One of Team Romney’s newly-released ads today is a one-minute ditty taking President Obama to task for his leaving-much-to-be-desired dealings with Iran, Syria, and Russia.

I get what Team R is doing with this one — it may not be the focus tonight, but let us not forget the ease and willingness with which President Obama wholeheartedly agreed to the new START treaty, professed his post-election ability to be even more flexible with Russia, and Russia’s weight in the bloody Syrian conflict.

Team Obama’s rejoinder? That silly Mitt Romney. He really is stuck in the 1950s, what with all of his antiquated Cold-War philosophies. Doesn’t he know anything about the new, peaceful, morally squishy world order cemented by President Obama’s oh-so-charismatic, healing approach?

Well, that was about as unspecific as it gets. I think we’re more likely to spend more time hearing about Iran, Israel, Libya, and the Arab Spring tonight than we are about the geopolitical threats from Russia, but I’m sure we’ll hear plenty in this vein from President Obama about how Mitt Romney and his governing/business background make him unfit to be commander-in-chief… because President Obama’s on-the-job-training just makes him so much more qualified and capable, or something.

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David Strom 8:41 PM on March 20, 2023