Obama in Virginia: Be extra careful not to catch "Romnesia," guys

With less than three weeks to go, there’s a new meme in town — leastaways, a new name for the Democrats’ criticism that Mitt Romney ranges from the most radically conservative candidate evah to flip-flopper of the century — that Obama tried out on the campaign trail in Northern Virginia today. Meet “Romnesia,” via BuzzFeed:

But now that we’re 18 days out from the election, Mr. “Severely Conservative” wants you to think he was “severely kidding” about everything he’s said over the last year. He told folks he was “the ideal candidate” for the Tea Party, now suddenly he’s saying, “what, who, me?” He’s forgetting what his own positions are, and he’s betting that you will too.

I mean he’s changing up so much – backtracking and sidestepping. We’ve gotta name this condition that he’s going through.. I think it’s called “Romnesia.” That’s what it’s called. I think that’s what he’s going through.

Now, I’m not a medical doctor but I do want to go over some of the symptoms with you because I want to make sure nobody else catches it. …

…I’ll try my darndest to resist the cleverness of it all and actually think about this for a moment. The “symptoms” of “Romnesia” that President Obama goes on to list include Romney’s ostensible policy switches on protecting equal pay for equal work, which Romney just so obviously abhors; allowing employers to “deny,” a.k.a. just not pay for, contraception; on a woman’s right to choose; on Team Obama’s fabricated version of Romney’s plan to provide “tax cuts for rich folks” while taxing the hell out of the middle class, or something; and on decrying but then supporting the coal industry (which is rich coming from coal’s public enemy number one!).

Whatever these “Romnesia” symptoms are, I find it kind of odd that President Obama really wants to talk a little talkity-talk about flip-flops, broken promises, and shortcomings — does Team Obama realize the sort of all-too-easy attacks they’re inviting on his own miserable record? A “one term proposition” if the economy isn’t fixed, not to mention that we were told unemployment would be somewhere around 5 percent by now; knowing that the recent attacks in Benghazi were terrorism and blathering on about a video for weeks anyways; calling President Bush’s debt increases “unpatriotic” and then adding more than $5 trillion of your own making to the debt? No, no shame, nothing?

This from the man who said that, if you don’t have a record to run on, “you make a big election about small things.” I can’t believe they’re actually running with this.

The Twitters is going to have some fun with this one.