New Obama ad to women: Mitt Romney has trouble relating to you, you know

Will the insults never cease?

And no, I’m not talking about Mitt Romney’s supposed slight to the ladies when he admitted to having consulted “binders full of women” when searching for job candidates (oh, the horror of searching through a bigger pool of applicants!). I’m talking about Team Obama relentlessly slapping me in the face with what, as a woman, are ostensibly supposed be my priorities. Behold, fellow females: This is how the Democrats would like you to think of yourselves.

“Seriously? Binders full of women?”, the ad concludes. “Mitt Romney just doesn’t get it.” Well, somebody certainly isn’t getting it, but it’s not Mitt Romney. Maybe this type of ad is appealing to the young, urbanite, self-fancied but largely uninformed activist types; but I don’t think the Lilly Ledbetter Act, mandating employers to provide birth-control coverage, or the government-sponsorship of Planned Parenthood rank too highly on the women of mainstream America’s list of concerns. I realize it’s useful for the Democrats to get us to self-identify like a flock of sheep, but none of Obama’s ostensible victories for the ladies are going to do anybody any good if our country is bankrupt, our economic growth keeps sliding, welfare programs go unreformed, and employment opportunities stay so thin on the ground.

Like Philip Klein writes, the fact that Team O is actually seizing and spending money on this pathetic argument just reeks of desperation.

In the past two days, liberals have seized on the remarks and Obama has made the comment a part of his stump speech. “I don’t know if you were listening last night, but, see, we don’t have to order up some binders to find qualified, talented, driven young women to learn and teach and thrive and start businesses,” he said in Athens, Ohio on Wednesday. In Manchester, New Hampshire earlier today he said, “See, we don’t have to order up some binders to find qualified, talented, driven young women who can learn and excel in these fields right now.”

The fact that Obama is making an issue of this suggests to me that his campaign is increasingly worried about signs that Romney is closing the gender gap, which would mean lights out for his reelection given Romney’s advantages among male voters.

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