Reid: Romney gives "used car salesmen a bad name," but Joe "the bullets are aimed at you" Biden is a stand-up guy

Harry Reid hasn’t exactly kept it a secret that he’s not Mitt Romney’s biggest fan; he’s already publicly taken umbrage with Mitt Romney over his dastardly faux-to-hardcore conservative politics, his undue representation of their shared religion, and his phantom tax evasion. While I’m sure those were all, er, careful and constructive criticisms, Sen. Reid piled onto Romney’s character some more today while introducing Vice President Biden at a campaign rally in Las Vegas. Via The Hill:

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) said on Thursday that Mitt Romney gives “used car salesman a bad name.” …

“Now, Joe Biden stands for everything that’s fair and honest — he’s a man of integrity. The man that’s leading the Republican ticket for president of the United States is giving used car salesmen a bad name,” Reid said in his remarks introducing Biden. “Think about it for a minute: Have you ever seen anyone that would do anything, say anything like Mitt Romney?

As a situation in which Mitt Romney runs the executive branch and Harry Reid leads the Senate is becoming increasingly feasible, you’ve gotta’ wonder what it will look like if the two end up having to work together. I don’t reckon the Democrats will be quite so opposed to gridlock if and when the tables turn and they’re suddenly the ones blocking Republican advances, especially on the big issues, but maybe Congress’s increasing unpopularity will bring the Democrats to the bargaining table to get some things done and save their images.

Meanwhile, that guy who “stands for everything that’s fair and honest,” that “man of integrity” that Reid was introducing at the rally? He then took to the stage and said this:

I get that he was just carrying on the metaphor and I don’t like being a nitpicker, but paired with his other ungenteel gaffes and his recent sneering-and-jeering debate performance, and I don’t know that I’d introduce our vice president as a representative of “everything that’s fair and honest.” Biden’s tendencies hyperbole, distortion, and inappropriateness need their own category of outrageous outrage.

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David Strom 8:01 AM on March 27, 2023