New Romney ad: "The choice"

Ed argued earlier that Mitt Romney’s best moment at last night’s presidential debate came when he made a direct pitch to middle-class voters based on economic issues, effectively countering much of the Obama campaign’s middle-class rhetoric. It appears that Team R also thought it was a great moment, ’cause they clipped it for their first-out-of-the-gate post-debate ad:

So much of Barack Obama’s manufactured campaign image centers on being some big champion of the middle class, but so many of Obama’s both enacted and proposed policies — from the costs and taxes inherent in ObamaCare, to energy policies that boost utility and gasoline prices, to tax hikes and red tape that make it more difficult for small-business owners to operate — are direct hits on middle-class prosperity. As Romney points out, median incomes have fallen, and Obama’s utter failure to even attempt major entitlement reform to make solvent demonstrably unsustainable programs like Social Security is a boon to exactly nobody.

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Jazz Shaw 7:31 PM on October 02, 2022