Team O to young people: Be sure to warn your grandparents about that Mitt Romney character

Just what we’ve all been waiting for — now I can send intellectually cheap, platitudinous, pre-packaged falsehoods from Obama’s messaging team to my friends and family, in a simple e-card! Life = made.

I have to hand it to them: Their graphics people are kinda’ excellent. But, the messaging? Not so much, my friends. Fresh from the Obama campaign:


Wow — pretty brazen of them to try to mobilize young people to save a program that said young people are currently paying into hand-over-fist, that will not be around for them, because it is fundamentally and undeniably insolvent. President Obama has made approximately zero major moves to address the glaring and obvious problem of Social Security. He has no real plan to reform it, and his minions don’t really care to talk about it — and he wants really young people to convince their (presumably stubborn, curmudgeonly, irascibly conservative) elders to re-elect him? Bold strategy, guys — and if it works, doesn’t really say much for the youths, does it? But, where exactly are they getting this tax-hike on Social Security thing? Per Politico:

“Romney’s $5 trillion tax cut plan will either drive up the deficit or raise middle-class taxes and – if these tax increases are made across the board – an average middle-class senior could pay $460 more in taxes on his or her benefits,” the campaign said in a statement. …

Romney campaign spokeswoman Amanda Henneberg emails this response: “Only one candidate in this race has a ‘plan’ to keep social security from going bankrupt by raising taxes, and that’s Barack Obama.  His failure to lead on this critical issue means that seniors face a 25% across-the-board cut in benefits.  In contrast, Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan have outlined a plan to save and strengthen Social Security that does not raise taxes and ensures that middle-class seniors receive all of the benefits they’ve earned.”

Could Team Obama’s math in the above statement be any more hilariously contrived? Heaven forbid we actually cut spending to bring down the deficit, reform Social Security into a fiscally solvent program, and cut taxes; and if you really want to talk about rising costs for seniors, hello — raiding Medicare? ObamaCare taxes and rising health-care prices? Anyone?

But if you really want to be galled beyond belief, head on over to the “Women”-themed selection of fabulous e-cards, ’cause that’s where the fun begins:


I think my head may have just exploded.

David Strom 6:41 PM on September 26, 2022