Oh, goody: Get excited for this major motion picture about fracking

Because I’m just so wildly fond of celebrities using their pop-cultural platforms to ‘educate’ others on complex economic and environmental issues that they don’t actually understand at all, you can probably guess just how excited I am about this little gem of intellectual dishonesty, courtesy of Matt Damon and our enlightened Brahmin in Tinseltown, due to hit theaters this December. Hint: Promised Land basically looks like the brazenly deceitful Gasland “documentary,” remade into a fictional storyline.

Ah, yes, all the usual idiotic environmentalist themes are there, meant to play upon our emotions without actually committing to facts or critical thinking: Greed, corporations, people over profits, killing the land, ruining communities, dirty money, and etcetera. I’m merely going to respond to this film clip with a couple more film clips, and a question: While overwhelming evidence suggests that hydraulic fracturing is in fact reviving small-town America, why is it that no celebrity has stepped up to make a major movie about the environmentalists’ conservation movement impoverishing rural Americans and forcing private individuals off of their land? Because that’s where the real story is.