Cutter: 12 million jobs under Obama's next four years is "not a promise, that's reality"

This morning, Team Romney released an ad in which Mitt pointed to President Obama’s repeated failures on creating jobs, lifting people out of poverty, and helping the middle class. Towards the end of the 60-second spot, Romney also claimed that his own plan will help to create 12 million new jobs over the next four years — a claim with which Obama deputy campaign manager took umbrage on MSNBC this morning because, apparently, even with things staying as they are, that’s the number of jobs economists are predicting will be created anyways. Or something. Via the WFB:

TODD: …I’ve not been able to get any kind of pledge. So you believe that’s the president’s promise, twelve million jobs?

CUTTER: That’s not a promise, that’s reality. That is what is forecasted by economists that would be created over the next four years on the path that we’re on. Now, we can do better than that, but…

Well, seeing as how our economic growth rate has been nothing short of pitiful; and what with all of those ill-thought-out, job-killing, burdensome financial/environmental/ObamaCare regulations being written and rolled out in the next few years; and with millions of people having dropped out of the labor force; and because of the Obama administration’s stupendously terrible history with ‘economic forecasts’ (the WFB has more on that score) — I guess she makes a pretty valid point, no?