New Obama ad: Still more on Mitt Romney's supposed tax sketchiness

Another week, another round of campaign ads — and in Team Obama’s latest, they tie together Romney’s 47-percent comments and the release of two decades of tax information last week in yet another attempt to make Mitt look altogether sinister.

Okay, let’s just take a moment to trace out the logic here. Last week, the Romney campaign via PriceWaterhouseCoopers released information regarding Romney’s taxes for the past two decades, verifying that Mitt Romney paid an average annual federal tax rate of over 20 percent over that period, gave away more than 13 percent of his income to charity, and that he paid 100 percent of the taxes he owed. So, if Team Obama is impugning that Mitt Romney still needs to “come clean,” I guess that means that Romney, PWC, and the involved notaries and IRS agents are all in on some grand tax-evasion conspiracy of epic proportions.

And as for the oh-so-scandalous assertions that Romney put some of his money in offshore tax shelters that he paid  just 14 percent in taxes last year (still amounting to millions of dollars, by the way) — what exactly is it that Team Obama is accusing him of here? They can’t reasonably be implying that Romney did anything illegal, because he was merely doing what all law-abiding and rationally self-interested individuals do with their money, and clearly, President Obama hasn’t mounted any marvelous offensives to alter what they deem to be the loopholes in our unfair tax code other than merely hiking the income tax on the wealthy. But, until such time as the tax code is changed, that still doesn’t mean that Mitt did anything wrong. Ergo, it stands to reason that Team Obama is attacking Mitt Romney for the audacity of, drumroll please… being rich.

But, this isn’t about class warfare. Or something.